Our group has organized many successful workshops on the use of the BCI2000 software and on the theory and application of signals recorded from the surface of the brain (electrocorticography (ECoG)).

BCI2000 Workshops

BCI2000 is a general-purpose software tool for real-time brain signal acquisition, processing, and feedback. It has been in development since 2000 in a collaborative project led by our group. Since then, we organized a number of workshops on the theoretical concepts and practical use of the software. These workshops usually contain hands-on user tutorials, in which participants learn about beginning and intermediate concepts of the software by interacting with BCI2000-based BCI systems, and lectures on advanced concepts.

ECoG Workshops

Increasing understanding of brain function and increasingly sophisticated methods for recording and interpreting signals from the surface of the brain (electrocorticography (ECoG)) are opening up exciting new opportunities for using these signals for clinical or research purposes. These developments have sparked tremendous interest in human and animal ECoG recordings to investigate the basis of normal brain function related to motor control, language, or memory, as well as of abnormal function such as epileptic seizures.

The ECoG workshop series reviews recent research findings in this area and demonstrates examples for the emerging translation of these new findings into clinical care.

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