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We are always interested in exceptional postdoctoral associates or graduate/undergraduate students to join our team. As you can see from the description of our research, our work involves aspects of neuroscience, engineering, and neurology/neurosurgery. This work almost always involves strong computational and programming components. Thus, if you don't have a solid grasp of time series analysis, pattern recognition, machine learning, etc., and good programming skills in Matlab or C++, you are most likely not a good match for the work we do. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in cognitive and systems neuroscience, EEG/ECoG neurophysiology, a solid mathematical foundation coupled with outstanding programming skills in Matlab as well as C++, an intense interest in multidisciplinary work, and an impeccable work ethic and problem solving and communication skills. We collaborate intensively, both within our group and with a number of outstanding external collaborators. Thus, the most compatible candidates will be those that want to work together on many different projects that execute simultaneously.

Postdoc candidates: We hire only exceptional candidates. Thus, if you do not have a strong and documented track record in the areas described above, please do not contact us.

Prospective PhD students: We only consider outstanding candidates as PhD students. We receive many more inquiries for PhD student positions than we can accept. PhD students in our group are usually graduate students in the PhD program in the Biomedical Sciences Program at SUNY Albany. Some of our students have been graduate students at a different institutions, and finish their research in our group.

MS students: We do not provide funding for MS students. If you are funded by a scholarship or self-funded, we will be happy to talk to you to determine if you may be a good fit for our team. Please email us your CV and make sure to include details about the conditions and duration of the scholarship that will fund your education.

Undergraduate students: We are always interested in engineering undergraduate students, in particular from local institutions such as Union College or Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), to help on ongoing projects. Depending on the situation and on funding, we may offer paid or unpaid summer internships for qualified candidates.

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