A note on ethical aspects of BCI.

TitleA note on ethical aspects of BCI.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHaselager, P, Vlek, R, Hill, N Jeremy, Nijboer, F
JournalNeural Netw
Date Published11/2009
KeywordsBioethics, Brain, Communication, Communications Media, Cooperative Behavior, Humans, Informed Consent, Professional-Patient Relations, Quadriplegia, User-Computer Interface
Abstract This paper focuses on ethical aspects of BCI, as a research and a clinical tool, that are challenging for practitioners currently working in the field. Specifically, the difficulties involved in acquiring informed consent from locked-in patients are investigated, in combination with an analysis of the shared moral responsibility in BCI teams, and the complications encountered in establishing effective communication with media.
Alternate JournalNeural Netw
PubMed ID19616405
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