American University in Cairo

Khaled El-Ayat, Ph.D
Computer Science and Engineering
American University in Cairo
Cairo, Egypt

We recently started a BCI project at the Department of CSE, AUC. I supervised 6 eager seniors as they researched and developed their senior graduation project. None of us had prior Neuroscience or BCI training. Thesis statement: "We will develop a Brain Computer Interface system that detects EEG brain activities and controls computer commands."
We used Mobilab hardware from g.tec for data acquisition and BCI2000 as our software platform for source module data acquisition, signal processing and application development. Adding new signal processing to BCI2000 was relatively easy. Detailed documentation was available, especially how to add new filters to the system. We found the empty signal processing module “DummySignalProcessing” very useful for creating our own signal processing. We used some of the available filters as well adding our own. Adding parameters and states to the system was quite straightforward. We also used MATLAB for our SSVEP signal processing application. Integrating with BCI2000 was straightforward.
For the application part, we used C# for development. We got the state values from BCI by using BCI2000’s Appconnector which creates a UDP connection between BCI2000 and our application. Again, it was easy and straightforward.
The BCI2000 platform with its modular, well structured design is a tremendous asset to our efforts. The source code is well documented with many worked out examples. It allowed us to come to speed very quickly, focus on BCI research and get the projects done.
Two systems were developed, an Eye blink based system for computer and communication control as well as second control system based on SSVEP. The team won first prize among all senior projects, as judged by the industry panel as shown on our Department webpage. [BCI @ AUC ..]

BCI2000 made it possible.

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