Features - User Applications

Feedback Applications

  • 3D Cursor Movement Task
  • Auditory + Visual Stimulus Presentation incl. Real-Time Feedback
  • P300 Matrix Speller

User Contributions

  • 4-Choice Speller
  • 2D Robotic Arm Control (RCS-6, Robix, Inc.)
  • Slow-Cortical Potential Spelling Paradigm
  • Visual-C++ (MFC) Demo Application

User Interface Devices

  • Joystick
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • 7/14-Sensor Data Glove (Fifth Dimension Technologies, Inc.)
  • Tobii Eye Trackers
  • Nintendo Wii controller
  • National Instruments MX boards to acquire analog/digital input in addition to the main data acquisition device
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