Georgia State University

Eric Leuthardt1, MD, and Dan Moran2, PhD
1 Washington/Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, MO
2 Washington University at St. Louis, St. Louis, MO

Here at the Department of Neurological Surgery at Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital we have developed a research effort investigating electrocorticography for the purposes of developing a brain computer interface (BCI) for cognitive and functional research. We have been in collaboration with the Wadsworth Center and have access to the BCI2000 software. This program has really facilitated our research on all fronts. It is an extremely flexible system that allows for real-time feedback of ECoG signals. This is crucial for developing a functioning BCI system, but equally useful for investigating the ECoG signal itself. Until now, cognitive research with ECoG was impeded because it was cumbersome to synchronise digitized ECoG data with real-time stimulus presentation. In contrast, BCI2000 facilitates our research by making it easy to perform the desired experiments, and by tagging all online events in the data file. In addition, data are stored in such a way that they can readily be analyzed with programs such as Matlab. BCI2000 has become an incalculable asset to our research and has put us years ahead of where we would be otherwise.

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