Motor Function

Please check out our following papers on motor functions:

Anderson et al., 2012 1
Correlates of Human Arm Movements

Wang et al., 2012 2
Decoding Onset and Direction of Movements using Electrocorticographic (ECoG) Signals in Humans

Miller et al., 2010 3
Cortical activity during motor execution, motor imagery, and imagery-based online feedback

Kubanek et al., 2009 4
Decoding flexion of individual fingers using electrocorticographic signals in humans

Wisneski et al., 2008 5
Unique cortical physiology associated with ipsilateral hand movements and neuroprosthetic implications

Schalk et al., 2007 6
Decoding two-dimensional movement trajectories using electrocorticographic signals in humans

Miller et al., 2007 7
Spectral changes in cortical surface potentials during motor movement

Leuthardt et al., 2004 8
A brain-computer interface using electrocorticographic signals in humans

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